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We are Mark and Hedi, both equally passionate about creating videos and taking photos. We originally met over a cup of coffee in McDonalds a couple of years ago and have been photographing together since.

Business Video Production Chelmsford, Essex, UK Nationwide


Business Video Production Chelmsford, Essex UK and International

We are business and corporate video production experts based in Chelmsford covering Essex, London, UK & around the globe.

Send a message and share your business vision, and the reason for the video being shot. Fancy a quick chat instead? For free, expert advice contact us on 07857 103135.

We create videos for a variety of clients from all industries. We are very passionate about delivering the best videos and photos whether it’s TV commercials, corporate videos, promotional films or a content for your social media channels or for your marketing.

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Aerial/Drone Videos

We provide drone videography & photography. Aerial videos can take your business to new heights.  We are certified CAA pilots and only use the latest technology to capture stunning aerial videos for your business.

Photography and Videography

We create videos alone or as a part of video and photography package. We can capture photos while we filming which is one of the most cost effective way of how to get the most content at one time. All photos come with unlimited publishing rights making them instantly available to use on your website, social media channels and advertising for no extra cost.

Video Pre – Production includes:

  • Initial Meeting/ Concept
  • Scripting, Story Boarding, Mood Board
  • Scripts
  • Planning, and consents requirements
  • Location recce and logistics
  • Equipment
  • Post- product planning

Video Production includes:

  • Filming on location (multiple angles, lighting, and sound checks)
  • Travel to the location

Video Post- Production includes:

  • Full editing according to the brief
  • Music acquisition (all of our music is royalty free, we have a huge bank of songs of all genres and types)
  • Audio correction and extras such as voice over’s, sounds effects
  • Colour correction/colour grading – adjusting the colour of each clip with digital filters so each clip matches another
  • Visual effects
  • Stock footage acquiring if needed
  • Titles and end cards – logo placement, brand name,  call to action…

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Essex Food Photography

We also offer video editing services where you send us your footage and we edit it to your brief or requirements. Even phone footage can be edited and enhanced to use on social media or marketing campaigns.  This is also one of the most cost effective way of how to create an engaging content.

Social Media Management

Full social media management services to you to grow  your business with a team of  the dedicated social marketing managers, videographers and photographers. We concentrate on creating real, authentic content that increases your businesses market share, grows your audience and generates leads. No stock images or videos, we can help you set up your social media channels, including Instagram,  Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and LinkedIn and start creating content.

Supplying Final Content

Once the post-production is done, the client receives a WeTransfer link with a first draft of the video. This weblink can be easily distributed internally for a collective feedback.  Once we receive the feedback we -re-edit the content according to the feedback received . The final video gets send back to the client and it is ready for use on the company website.

We create videos alone or as part of video and photography package in every corner of the globe, we love travelling!

Essex Corporate Videos Filmed on Location Globally

Whether you are in Essex or Egypt, our video production services have spanned the globe – from Hawaii, Australia, Switzerland, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Germany, Estonia, to the Czech Republic and Portugal.

We specialise in commercial/corporate/business , lifestyle and food videos for businesses, brands and agencies. We create engaging and high-end content for online advertising & social media campaigns. We offer full service from pre -production, to production and post – production. Whether you need us from the beginning of your project or just for post production, together we can produce an engaging content for you, your audience or your clients.

Business and Promotional Video Production Company

Over the past 17 years, we have filmed, edited and produced an immense variety of promotional videos that engage and immerse viewers:

  • Customer Testimonial Videos – When it comes to conversion, you can’t beat a satisfied customer testimonial or a good case study.
  • Behind-the-scenes videos/vlogs – One way you can connect with your potential client or your audience is by creating behind-the-scenes videos to give them a closer look at who you are and what your business is all about.
  • Reels or Short Social Videos – Opening a new store, got a new special offer, new product or new menu? We can produce a short promo video to share the exciting news in a way that gets you attention and client engagement.
  • Video Guidelines & Video Training – A cost effective way to offer employee training. We can produce a series of training videos related directly to your product or services.
  • Product Videos – Show your product in “the best light” with a short 20 seconds video. Show how it works, show how to use it and engage the potential customer helping them make better purchasing decisions
  • Real Estate Videos – Nothing sells more than a walk through video of a desired property
  • Recruitment Videos – A brand video or team video to send to your potential employees to show the company culture, introduce the team, interview of the CEO or the day-to-day tasks of the team.
  • Educational Videos – Why would you read the entire prospectus when you can watch an exciting, and engaging film showing your school, college, or university premises? Capture some of your classes or do an educational video of your favourite topic.
  • Food Videos – Recipe videos are an exciting and mouth watering way to sell your product. You can either use your product as an ingredient or create a food or recipe video supporting your services.
  • Event Videos – We can capture entire events, create highlight films and post-event content to keep your audience engaged.

Film maker / Movie maker / Videographer – Video Maker – Camera Operators

We use the latest technology and software to produce high quality content. We shoot all videos Sony mirrorless cameras SONY A7S iii, A7S ii and for photography we use A7R ii. We have a varied selection of art lenses.

Hire us for:

  • Promotional Videos – Promotional video is an extremely powerful way to show your brand values, vision and inspire potential customers to think, feel and buy.

Our values and why our clients always come back:

  • Delivery –  We pride ourselves on quick turn around of a very high end product. We always meet the deadline and accommodate very late request or next day editing – some extra charges may apply
  • Communication – We keep our clients updated step-by-step  through the whole process. If any changes are required or anything needs to be altered, we always ask first.
  • Relationships – Every client and every job is important, no matter the size or the budget. We treat everyone the same as our main goal is for each client to stay with us and create long lasting relationship. Many of our clients turned into forever friends.
  • Honesty  – Nobody is perfect, and not everyone will like everything we do, so we highly value any feedback whether positive or negative. We will do the same for for you. Honestly and transparency are important to us.

We were very excited when Trinity Surfacing asked us to capture their next big project Surfacing the Melbourne Raceway in York.

Surfacing the Melbourne Raceway in York. Trinity Surfacing are a privately owned independent company providing vital services in resurfacing, footway reinstatements and Highway’s management anywhere in the UK.

We were commissioned to produce a video and several images each day documenting the work progress as well as the machinery and techniques used.

It was a 3-day project and they required drone filming and drone videos and photography as well as stills and videography.

The promotional videos will also be utilised on their social media channels including Facebook and LinkedIn as well as their website.

This is our 2nd project with Trinity Surfacing, check out the previous Trinity Surfacing Aerial Photography & Videography

To achieve the most engaging content we have combined aerial drone footage, time-lapse and Go-Pro cameras as well as standard footage for all 4 promotional films.

The final video is an online and offline full case study to demonstrate to new and existing customers the work that they have been involved with and their true passion for performance.

If aerial, commercial, corporate filming or photography is something you would like to find out more about then get in touch today by email or call us at 07857103135.

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