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Mark & Hedi

We are Mark and Hedi, both equally passionate about creating videos and taking photos. We originally met over a cup of coffee in McDonalds a couple of years ago and have been photographing together since.



QFC are one of the largest sofa manufactures in the UK, i have done several films for them but this one will top them all.

I came up with the idea of filming a journey of a product, this took us to Estonia filming in the most amazing landscape i have ever worked in, my usual job abroad is always in the blazing sun with shorts and flip flops not -3!


My good pal Mark Young also joined us on our trip, Mark is an ex pilot and still uses his skills today but in something different, he now flys drones!

We set out early in the morning to the forest where the machines harvest the Birch which is the main timber that QFC use.

armed with my Nikon and Marks drone we set off shooting in the woods!

qfc estonia filmin in estonia

The images we got where amazing, our trusted guide and timber expert Taivo Paarson had never seen the woods in such a spectacular way!

Our trip out to Estonia was just a small part of what the main film will be and our next place to go will be Belgium, which i am equally as excited to visit.

Massive thank you to Taivo, Rachael and Anna from QFC  and Mark for the great footage

where the journey begins estonia videography qfc videography



I cant wait for our next part of our trip to continue on this amazing project



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