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We are Mark and Hedi, both equally passionate about creating videos and taking photos. We originally met over a cup of coffee in McDonalds a couple of years ago and have been photographing together since.

Food Photography and Food Video – Prep Kitchen Southend Essex


Food photography and food videos are big passion of ours. Instagram Reels in particular are now becoming increasingly popular on social media because we all love content that’s unforgettable, content that is visually stunning as well as engaging and inspiring.

Chelmsford Food Photographer Essex and Nationwide

There is nothing better than eating delicious, healthy food and capturing it, so you can imagine our excitement when Prep Kitchen based in Southend, Essex reached out , and asked us to create some mouthwatering recipes, food photography and an Instagram Reel (Recipe Food Video) to support their fast growing meal prep business.

We decided to go for a healthy and quick breakfast recipe which fits with their  100% fresh, chef-cooked healthy meal plans delivered to you nationwide.

We are a passionate food recipe developers,  especially if there is a healthy twist to the recipes, so we created an easy breakfast recipe that is family friendly, perfect for beginners, affordable and accessible, versatile and of course healthy.

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We started by recipe development, tested a few different flavours and then captured the whole process with step by step food photos to help their customers and followers to re-create this recipe easily.

The whole idea behind this project is bring more people to their website, sign up for their meal prep service and of course social media brand awareness.

Once we have done the step-by-step photos we created the final images. We have our own selection of backdrops including marble, wooden, dark and light as well as our own props. We always look at the branding and try to match the colours and vibe. Here are the final food images for Prep Kitchen showcasing the recipe in the best light.

With our recipe development service we take care of everything including ingredient sourcing, photos of the cooking process, food styling with props and ingredients and the final images of the prepared dish. This helps you to reduce the cost because there is no need to hire any other individuals.

The final step was creating the short food recipe video, an Instagram Reel. We use the latest technology, lighting and editing software to create a nice visual content; here is the final food video:

Interested in working with us or looking for a recipe developer or Food Photography that will make your audience or clients hungry, get in touch ! You can reach us directly here: info@fountainfotos.com or give us a call on 07988934489.

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