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Mark & Hedi

We are Mark and Hedi, both equally passionate about creating videos and taking photos. We originally met over a cup of coffee in McDonalds a couple of years ago and have been photographing together since.

Hunter & Gather Food Photography


We are very lucky to work with some amazing food brands. Hunter & Gather is no different. Led by Jeff and Amy, this is a young, exciting and ambitious brand with some really tasty products all made from the finest hand-gathered and perfectly ripened Kenyan avocados.
Avocado mayonnaise is literally to die for . We have used it for sweet potato chips with some extra added fresh spinach, chilli and of course avocado. Match made in heaven if you ask us!All their products are keto and paleo approved. Paleo means you basically eat a plenty of real, non-processed foods such vegetables, nuts & seeds, healthy fats, grass-fed and lifelong pastured meats and wild caught fish.Their avocado oil has amazing green colour and is made with 100% natural ingredients so you can enjoy the delight of real food, without sacrificing taste for health.¬†We wanted to be “on the trend” so created this gorgeous buddha bowl with a drizzle of their amazing avocado oil. Buddha bowls¬† are pretty, hearty and rather filling dishes made of various greens, veggies, nuts, grains, seafood, meat or whatever your heart and belly desires…We loved working with Jeff and Amy , please check out their website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

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