February 2016

Sands Beach Lanzarote

Sands Beach Lanzarote

  Sands beach Lanzarote has been like a second home to me over the past three years, i have been so lucky to cover all there events and anything to do with the hotel! I have covered such events as the Iron-man, The lanzarote marathon, and many more. This was a brand new resort film […]

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Paul Hilz

Paul Hilz is not only an old friend of mine but also an incredible athlete, I have been filming Paul for about 3 years now and he has an amazing story from the unlicensed boxing scene to the pro boxing. Our goal is to make a large documentary of Pauls journey but we have been

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Watch Photography for Coleby’s Jewellers

I have been so lucky to have been working alongside Colebys Jeweller’s from Billericay in Essex and do all their product photography for them. Colbeys stock all prestige watches and all types of high end custom Jewellry. We also have shot a very cool video for them showing exactly what they do.  

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model photoshoot

Lanzarote model photoshoot

My last trip over to lanzarote in the winter saw some great projects including a model photoshoot, one of them was with the lovely Camilla Ottens on a previous trip out to lanzarote Camilla and i had already done a model photoshoot and she was a natural, as a photographer i get to meet some amazing

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